HIS 4399 – Twentieth Century World History

Mid-term take-home exam


In lieu of a written exam where students often speedily regurgitate information in class, this exam is designed to force you to critically consider the material covered over the second half of the semester. 


For the purposes of this exam, any information presented in class (i.e. what I presented in the lectures and what was seen/heard in the videos—at any point thus far in the semester) should be considered common knowledge.  All additional information, whether taken from online readings or the Watson text should be cited correctly using either MLA or Chicago style.  (Failure to cite correctly in one of these styles will lower your exam grade.) 


There is no need to use additional information in writing the essay.  (Clarification: Do not use any additional sources in answering the question.  If you do, expect your grade to suffer accordingly.)


Remember that good essays rely on source information in formulating arguments.


Your essay should be double-spaced, 12-point Times font, 1-inch margins all around with numbered pages.  Essays will not be longer than 6 pages, exclusive of the works cited/Bibliography page.  (Clarification: 6 pages and one line on page 7 is not acceptable.  No shrinking fonts either!)


Essays must be turned in via Blackboard by 7pm on Tuesday, March 20.  (Clarification: If you’re feeling flu-ish or a family member, child, friend or pet seems to be coming down with Ebola or it seems like your about to have some sort of crisis, get it turned in early—late exam essays will not be accepted.)


Grading:  Essays will be marked following the standard History Essay/Research Paper Rubric. 


Introduction to the question:


So far this semester we have examined—in class lecture and discussion of the Watson text—the global and intellectual reactions to the crisis that was World War I and the rise of Fascism and Communism. 




First state your thesis.  Then begin by explaining how World War I shattered both the intellectual and political foundations of the late nineteenth century.  Next, explaining/using at least one example from each of the following, demonstrate the shattering that occurred following the war.


Performance art, art/architecture, literature, science, philosophy, religion; totalitarianism, and imperialism.


(Your thesis will be that World War I spawned all that happened up until the start of World War II.  The examples from each of the above categories are your evidence.)